April Monthly Mini: Raindrop

April Monthly Mini: Raindrop

Monthly Mini April 2024:

Mini Raindrop Crochet Pattern



  • Medium Weight Cotton or Acrylic Yarn/4 (Desired Shade of Blue & White)
  • Size U.S. E/3.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Stitch Marker
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Yarn Needle &  Embroidery Needle
  • 6mm Safety Eyes
  • Black Embroidery Thread
  • Make-Up Blush (optional)


DEC = Decrease (Single Crochet 2 Together)

FLO = Front Loop Only

INC = Increase (Increase = 2 SC in same ST)

MR = Magic Ring

SC  = Single Crochet

ST(S) = Stitch(es)

Have questions or need a little help? Stitch along with me! Visit the following link for a video demonstration on how to make this Mini Raindrop start to finish: Raindrop Video Demonstration 


Using the E hook and blue yarn, the Raindrop will be worked in continuous rounds.

Round 1: 8 SC in MR.  (8 SC made)

Round 2: (1 INC in each SC around). (16 SC made)

Round 3: 1 SC in next 7 STS, 1 INC in next each ST around. (18 SC made)

Rounds 4-5: 1 SC in each ST around. (18 SC made, each round)

Round 6: (1 SC in next 4 STS, 1 DEC next STS) Repeat around. (15 SC made)

Round 7: (1 SC in next 3 STS, 1 DEC next STS) Repeat around. (12 SC made)

Sew on the face details now. Place the safety eyes 2 STS apart between Rounds 4 and 5. Wait to attach the safety eye backs until all details of the face are complete. Next, using either the embroidery needle or yarn needle (maker preference) and the black embroidery thread, sew eyelashes or eyebrows and a mouth between the eyes. Once all details of the face are complete, secure the safety backs on the eyes.

Round 8: DEC around (6 times). (6 SC made)

Stuff the raindrop with fiberfill.

Round 9: 1 SC in each ST around. (6 SC made)

Using the yarn needle and a piece of white yarn, sew an accent stitch above one of the eyes now. Refer to photo or video for example. This step is optional.

Round 10: (1 SC in next ST, 1 DEC next STS) Repeat around. (3 SC made) Fasten off, leaving a tail of yarn for sewing.

Thread the yarn needle with the tail of yarn left for sewing. Pass the needle back and forth through the front loops of Round 10. Pull the yarn tail gently to close. Pass the needle back through the raindrop to secure the end and trim away the excess.

Thanks for stitching along with me. I hope you enjoyed making the mini raindrop with me!

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